Designed for accessibility

Aviva Investors is committed to ensuring that this website is as accessible and inclusive as possible to all users.

This site has been designed and built to follow guidelines laid down by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA, Part III).

The guidelines include:

  • Using meaningful ALT-text for informational images.
  • Using descriptive hyperlink text whilst warning of link actions.
  • Using an easy-to-see web colour scheme, tested against protanope, deuteranope, and tritanopia colour-blindness.
  • Using an easy-to-read font type and colour.
  • Allowing user control of text sizes (see below).

How to increase text size:

  • Google Chrome:  Click the menu on the browser toolbar, select Settings, click Show Advanced Settings. In the Web Content section, use the Page Zoom drop-down menu.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Go to the View menu and select Text Size.
  • Internet Explorer: Go to the View menu and select Text Size.
  • Opera: Go to the File menu, select Preferences then Fonts and then change Minimum Font Size (pixels).
  • Safari: Go to the View menu and select Make Text Bigger or press the Apple Key and then the plus key (Apply Key image then +).


  • Throughout the design process Aviva Investors has ensured that this website meets accessibility standards as define by the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C”). All the English language pages are in compliance with W3C’s guidelines.   


Aviva Investors welcome your feedback on accessibility or any other aspect of this website.