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COVID-19: This time is different?

3 Apr 2020

Previous financial crises offer lessons for investors trying to make sense of COVID-19, explains Euan Munro.

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COVID-19 and a brief history of emerging market debt drawdowns

2 Apr 2020

COVID-19 is testing investors’ patience. A brief history of EMD drawdowns suggests why they should do nothing.

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COVID-19: When it comes to pandemics, investors should listen to the real experts

1 Apr 2020

Investors should scour the medical literature for insight into COVID-19’s progression before making big investment calls.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Embedding diversification in portfolios

31 Mar 2020

The market response to COVID-19 has been brutal. Sunil Krishnan reflects on portfolio diversification in this context.

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Treasuries: Defence in troubled times

26 Mar 2020

Why have investors been abandoning safe-haven assets in the midst of the steepest market falls in 40 years?

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RPI may be flawed, but changes shouldn’t cost pensioners and investors

16 Mar 2020

With the start of the consultation for proposed changes to the measurement of inflation in the UK, we look at the likely impact to asset classes, the assets most affected, and the key issues investors should be aware of.

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Are investors too complacent about the coronavirus?

21 Feb 2020

In the latest of our editorial series, Link, AIQ brings members of Aviva Investors’ investment strategy, equity and debt teams together to discuss the prospects for financial markets and the world economy in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Why the bull run in global equities could continue

12 Feb 2020

Sunil Krishnan discusses the conditions for a continued rise in global equities, the potential of Japanese and US equities to outperform from a regional perspective, and some attractive features of emerging markets – particularly Brazil – which may have been overlooked.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Uncertainty clouds the outlook for European assets

23 Jan 2020

Sunil Krishnan considers whether Europe can break out of its economic malaise and the factors investors should watch out for in 2020.

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Multi-asset allocation views: The pros and cons of higher-yielding fixed income

16 Jan 2020

Sunil Krishnan asks whether higher-yielding fixed income assets remain good diversifiers for multi-asset portfolios in the current environment.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Could Japan outperform other equity markets?

14 Jan 2020

Sunil Krishnan argues that low expectations among domestic and global investors are reflected in Japanese equity valuations, creating an opportunity for the asset class to play catch-up with the rest of the world.

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Supply chain wars

14 Nov 2019

With the US and China locking horns, we take a deeper look at the tangled and complex web of multinational relationships in the global economic ecosystem.

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