Financial investments involve an element of risk. For further information, please see the risk warning section.

At Aviva Investors, we recognise that investors are looking for solutions suited to their unique situations.

However, some common themes unite many clients, such as: a desire for reliable income, the expectation of a target return, the need to protect against inflation or the requirement to meet ongoing liabilities. Whatever your specific goals, we aspire to be one of the best and most trusted fixed income investment managers in the world, partnering with you to help you achieve them.

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We recognise our clients are looking for solutions suited to their unique situations and we believe our insurance heritage makes us natural fixed income investors and a significant investor in fixed income markets.

Strategic solutions

Our clients come to us for innovative, risk-informed strategies and overarching solutions that help them achieve their investment goals.

We believe that better decisions come from collaborative teams that have the freedom to challenge each other and think differently. And while we have the flexibility to take advantage of tactical opportunities, our approach is rooted in long-term fundamental investing. Every trade is made on the basis of human judgement and an original investment thesis, where quantitative methods are employed as a tool to synthesise information rather than to make investment decisions. We are precise about implementation throughout the cycle of idea generation: prioritisation, risk management, portfolio construction and review.

Creativity and collaboration

Our commitment is to put the interests of clients before our own. To this end, we combine our insights and expertise to craft strategies and products designed to meet clients’ precise requirements.

Creativity and collaboration are the key anchors for our investment process. We apply this worldwide, with our functionally integrated teams bringing together colleagues in Chicago, London, Paris, Singapore, Toronto and Warsaw. This creates the optimal environment to share, robustly challenge and collectively build upon the knowledge and insights – across borders and asset specialities.

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ specific needs. And we strive to ascertain our clients’ perception and desire for risk taking, to ensure that we can bring together the very best of Aviva Investors to focus on their objectives.