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This page contains Aviva Investors Global Services Limited`s top five execution venue reporting tables and supporting qualitative commentary for the years ending 31.12.2017, 31.12.2018, 31.12.2019 and 31.12.2020.


The best execution obligations in MiFID II aim to ensure that firms take all sufficient steps to obtain the best possible results for clients when executing orders. Investment firms are required to publish the top five execution venues in terms of trading volumes for all executed client orders per class of financial instruments. Firms are also required to publish a summary of the analysis and conclusions drawn from the monitoring of execution quality.

This data has been complied in order to meet the requirements established in Article 27 of MiFID II and the MiFID II Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) 28.

Please select the pdf below to view the data tables and commentary.


Nothing in this RTS 28 report is intended to or should be construed as advice, an endorsement or a recommendation of any nature. Reasonable commercial endeavours are used to prepare the RTS 28 disclosures. Certain data components, introduced by MiFID II, are not reported on for the year ending 31 December 2017. Aviva Investors is not liable for any consequences of any amendment or processing of this data that is undertaken after downloading it from this website; and if any changes are made to the form, substance or presentation of the data prior to it being made available to your third parties you will be solely liable for those changes and any consequences resulting from them.

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