Financial investments involve an element of risk. For further information, please see the risk warning section.

Aviva Investors Liquidity Funds offers investors the only same day, stable value, VNAV, short term money market funds, which include euro and sterling denominated funds*. This innovative approach puts us in a strong position to conform to imminent EU regulatory change.

Aviva Investors offer a range of pooled funds and bespoke solutions providing investors with an off balance sheet alternative to traditional short term bank investments. Our solutions offer a way of diversifying across a wide range of high quality instruments & issuers as well as enhancing yield opportunities.

Whilst security of capital is always our primary concern, our active, diversified approach aims to maximise yield and deliver investors their required levels of liquidity. 

Currently we manage over £41 billion for our liquidity clients1.

As at  30 September 2017. The figure refers to Liquidity funds in the UK and France. 

*Stable NAV maintained since 2002.