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Listen on demand to our webcast hosted by IPE, in which we discuss how the themes identified in our Real Assets House View may be affected by recent global events, and what this means for institutional investors.

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In this webcast, Chris Urwin, Head of Research, Real Assets, Laurence Monnier, Head of Strategy and Research, Alternative Income and Mark Meiklejon, Head of Real Assets Investment Specialists, will discuss what this means for institutional investors who are increasingly turning to real assets to help them achieve their investment needs, and how these themes may be affected by recent global events.

Aviva Investors Real Assets House View identified three big themes driving real assets markets over the medium to long term:

  • ‘Lower for longer’ supports long-duration assets value
  • Premia unlocked by exploiting complexity
  • ESG becomes non-negotiable

Real Assets House View

No-one ever said predicting the future was easy, but this report represents our best collective judgement on the current and future investment themes we believe will shape the real assets market.

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