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Recessions, returns and relative value: A Q&A with Peter Fitzgerald and Ian Pizer

6 Jan 2023

The managers of the AIMS Target Return strategy explain why investors should be prepared for more turbulence in 2023.

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Multi-asset investing: The five big questions for 2023

16 Dec 2022

Sunil Krishnan looks back at 2022, and outlines what multi-asset investors should look out for in 2023.

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Multi-asset allocation views: How politics are influencing markets

22 Nov 2022

Political risk has returned with a vengeance in 2022. Sunil Krishnan discusses what this means for multi-asset portfolios.

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What does the data say? Politics and markets

11 Nov 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at how political events have shaped markets in 2022 and further back in time.

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When the numbers don’t add up: UK learns painful lesson not to buck the market

8 Nov 2022

Governments around the world would do well to heed the lessons of recent chaotic events in Britain that concluded with Liz Truss becoming the country’s shortest-lived prime minister.

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Multi-asset allocation views: What high inflation means for portfolios

12 Oct 2022

Inflation has direct and indirect consequences for financial markets. Sunil Krishnan reflects on how multi-asset investors can mitigate them and find areas of resilience.

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Zero-COVID: China’s costly policy error

10 Aug 2022

Beijing’s ideological battle to stamp out COVID-19 appears increasingly misguided as the rest of the world learns to live with the virus. But the impact of China’s approach will be felt far beyond its borders.

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What does the data say? Are we close to 1970’s-style stagflation?

29 Jul 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at whether the global economy is heading towards stagflation.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Is this the end of the 60/40 strategy?

20 Jul 2022

Government bonds have not acted as safe haven assets recently. Sunil Krishnan explores whether this spells the end of the traditional 60/40 allocation in multi-asset portfolios.

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Is stagflation set to make an unwanted return?

1 Jul 2022

A growing chorus of experts are warning of the return of stagflation – periods of high inflation with low or negative economic growth. 

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ESG investing: Lasting lessons from Russia’s war on Ukraine

23 Jun 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to ESG receiving widespread flak. While much of the criticism is unjustified, the episode underlines how many issues related to ESG are complex and involve trade-offs. Investment approaches may need fine tuning, especially if the geopolitical landscape continues to change so rapidly.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Central banks’ delicate balancing act

6 Jun 2022

With high levels of inflation persisting around the world, central banks must tighten policy without hurting consumer demand and economic growth. This will be more difficult for some central banks than others, says Sunil Krishnan.

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