Tarek Smili


Job title

Sales Director - Liquidity Solutions – EU Corporates

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Work location

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joined Aviva Investors


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Main responsibilities

Tarek is a Liquidity Sales Director for Aviva Investors with a focus on EU corporates, and is responsible for driving growth in the Euro Liquidity Fund.  

Experience and qualifications

Prior to joining Aviva Investors, Tarek spent over five years with HSBC focusing on loan origination, financial modelling, payments, and cash management. He managed a large portfolio of corporate clients, delivering transactions for companies of various sizes and industries, from startups to large corporates, navigating diverse credit facilities including overdrafts, guarantees, letters of credit, RCFs, term loans, convertible bonds, USPPs, and Schuldscheins, many with sustainability ties.

Tarek also helped optimise cash management for corporates by implementing physical cash concentrations, notional pooling solutions, coordinating large-scale account openings, facilitating credit card programs, and leading the credit process to make these solutions possible.

Tarek brings a strong understanding of both credit and cash management, alongside the ability to provide tailored liquidity solutions for our clients at Aviva Investors.