Executive Summary

A summary of our outlook for economies and markets.

Key investment themes and risks

The six key themes and risks which our House View team expect to drive financial markets.

Macro forecasts: charts and commentary

Our round-up of major economies; featuring charts and commentary.

Global market outlook and asset allocation

What our House View means for asset allocation and portfolio construction.

About the House View

The Aviva Investors House View document is a comprehensive compilation of views and analysis from the major investment teams.

The document is produced quarterly by our investment professionals and is overseen by the Investment Strategy team. We hold a House View Forum biannually at which the main issues and arguments are introduced, discussed and debated. The process by which the House View is constructed is a collaborative one – everyone will be aware of the main themes and key aspects of the outlook. All team members have the right to challenge and all are encouraged to do so. The aim is to ensure that all contributors are fully aware of the thoughts of everyone else and that a broad consensus can be reached across the teams on the main aspects of the report.

The House View document serves two main purposes:

  • First, its preparation provides a comprehensive and forward-looking framework for discussion among the investment teams. 
  • Secondly, it allows us to share our thinking and explain the reasons for our economic views and investment decisions to those whom they affect.

Not everyone will agree with all assumptions made and all of the conclusions reached. No-one can predict the future perfectly. But the contents of this report represent the best collective judgement of Aviva Investors on the current and future investment environment.


House View, Q1 2022

20 Jan 2022 10:30 GMT 45 minutes

As 2021 draws to a close, expectations are for global growth to be around 6 per cent for the year. Join Michael Grady, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Peter Fitzgerald, CIO, Multi-Asset & Macro, and Raphaelle Moysan, Senior Investment Director, Head of Multi-asset & Macro Investment Specialists, as they discuss our latest House View.

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