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Is Emerging Market Debt a lost cause or a case for optimism?

08 Jul 2020 10:00 GMT 30 minutes

Join Aaron Grehan, EMD Portfolio Manager, Carmen Altenkirch, EM Sovereign Analyst and Thomas Dillon, ESG Macro Analyst as they explore the stark differences in risk/reward across asset classes, the risks of social unrest and potential impending wave of debt restructuring/relief, and how ESG analysis is critical to helping find resilient opportunities.


Aviva Investors House View: Finding the new ‘normal’

20 Jul 2020 15:00 GMT 45 minutes

Join Stewart Robertson, Senior Economist, and Shane O’Brien, Senior Investment Director, Multi-Asset, as they discuss Q3 House View and the possible scenarios for how the pandemic plays out from here. They will explore other themes that could influence economic and market outcomes, including competition between the US and China as well as the upcoming US presidential elections and their potential impact across asset classes.


How do you run a UK Equity Income portfolio without income?

28 Jul 2020 12:00 GMT 45 minutes

Join Chris Murphy and James Balfour as they discuss what the UK dividend cuts mean for equity income investors, and how to maintain a disciplined long-term investment approach.


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How can the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures help pension schemes?

30 Apr 2020 10:00 GMT 60 minutes

Join us for a live panel discussion with leading industry experts to explore how trustees can consider climate-related risks and opportunities. 


The year of living dangerously: Don't fight the central bankers

28 May 2020 14:00 GMT 30 minutes

Join our High Yield portfolio management team as they discuss the impact of the expected wave of rating downgrades during the coronavirus crisis, the record monthly inflows and where there might be opportunities for investors to take advantage.

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Bucketing credit managers: A herd mentality

20 May 2020 17:30 GMT 20 minutes

Join Josh Lohmeier, Head of US Credit, and Rachel Harris, Head of Credit Investment Specialist, as we categorise the US investment grade universe into six style buckets. We will review the impact of their philosophies have on their portfolios, and how they tend to perform in different market environments.


What role will real assets play in reigniting the global economy?

13 May 2020 10:00 GMT 30 minutes

Listen to our roundtable discussion with our heads of real estate, infrastructure, private debt and asset management, as they discuss what’s in store for real assets.


Tough times = tough conversations: An Equity CIO challenges his team

30 Apr 2020 09:00 GMT 30 minutes

Join us for a candid discussion between Aviva Investors Equity CIO David Cumming and several members of his investment team where he challenges them to explain where they will find income in a dividend-scarce world.

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Macro House View Q2 2020: COVID-19 and the economy – can the engine restart?

16 Apr 2020 15:00 GMT 45 minutes

Join us for a quick discussion with Stewart Robertson, Senior Economist, and Jerome Nunan, Investment Director, Multi-Asset, as they discuss how COVID-19 and the containment measures implemented by governments around the world to deal with it have impacted our latest House View. 


Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return Q1 2020

21 Apr 2020 14:00 GMT 30 minutes

Mark Robertson, Head of Multi-Strategy Funds and Andy Ford, Senior Investment Director, will discuss their views and insights on the key themes and trends driving markets.

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Coronavirus: Where is the next surprise(s)?

27 Mar 2020 09:00 GMT 35 minutes

Join us for a quick roundtable discussion with the CIOs of our equities, credit, real asset, and global macro teams who answer our clients’ questions surrounding coronavirus.


Coronavirus: Can central bankers calm investors’ nerves?

11 Mar 2020 15:30 GMT 60 minutes

Listen on-demand and hearas Mark Robertson (Multi-Strategy), Sunil Krishnan (Multi-Asset) and Liam Spillane’s (Emerging Market Debt) discuss their investment views on the coronavirus, and what it has meant for the assets they manage, and the outlook for their capabilities. 


The dash for cash: Impacts on credit and cash markets

08 Mar 2020 09:00 GMT 30 minutes

Central banks’ rapid response to violent swings in the credit markets are welcome to ease the liquidity situation in the credit markets but at the same time continue to raise a host of new questions for investors and corporate borrowers alike.

Watch on-demand, this conversation with our CIO of Credit, Global Head of Liquidity and Co-Head of Credit Research who will explore these your questions. 

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Aviva Investors and Lincoln Pensions DB De-Risking

24 Mar 2020 08:30 GMT 30 minutes

DB pension schemes are slowly but surely heading towards their endgame. In this joint session, Felix, Associate Director at Lincoln Pensions, and Agneta, Investment Strategist at Aviva Investors, will discuss how pension schemes can implement de-risking strategies. 

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Build sustainability into your investment strategy

26 Feb 2020 10:00 GMT 60 minutes

Our recent Real Assets Study showed that nine in ten clients consider ESG to be important in investment decision-making. The challenge comes in defining what this means for real assets. Against a backdrop of increased client demand for energy efficient real estate, renewable energy assets and social infrastructure, we believe it’s time to go beyond ESG integration and explore the role of real assets in the transition to a low-carbon economy. 


It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new year

29 Jan 2020 10:00 GMT 30 minutes

Sunil Krishnan, Head of Multi-asset Funds, and Jerome Nunan Investment Director, Multi-asset, participate in a live webcast where they review 2019 and assess the investment landscape at the start of 2020.

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Bottom-up and sustainable – is it time for a fresh approach to multi-asset income?

05 Nov 2019 10:00 GMT 45 minutes

We build our global multi-asset income fund from the bottom up, with a focus on sustainability. Learn more about our long-term capital growth strategy.

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