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A new Cold War? What the Russia-Ukraine crisis means for globalisation and markets

28 Apr 2022

The world has become more volatile and unpredictable with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But while Vladimir Putin may have dealt globalisation another blow, China and the West will want to prevent the world splitting into two competing blocs.

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Power to the people: The moral and investment case for human rights

30 Mar 2022

Healthy and happy employees, consumers, and communities are all critical ingredients in a company’s long-term success. Investors have a key responsibility in ensuring the rights of these groups are respected.

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Change diets, not the planet: The link between food and sustainability

29 Mar 2022

We explore how shifting diets can help create a more sustainable world.

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Tough gig: How to improve the platform economy

28 Mar 2022

Companies operating in the gig economy have been subject to industrial action and legal challenges. Workers say they are being denied basic rights; platforms reply this is the price of flexibility. But there is a viable middle-ground which can be beneficial for all, including investors.

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Energy in focus: Part 2: The pivot to green

28 Mar 2022

How will the surge in the prices of oil, gas and coal impact the transition to low or zero carbon sources of fuel? In the second part of our Q&A on the energy sector, experts from our credit, equities and ESG teams contemplate the challenges and opportunities in the pivot to green.

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Thick skins and tin ears: Facing up to the ESG backlash

25 Mar 2022

Mark Versey goes on the offensive to dispel recent criticisms against ESG investing.

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Energy in focus: Part 1: The last hurrah for fossil fuels?

24 Mar 2022

The fallout from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has highlighted the fragility of energy markets, with significant implications for the global economy.

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Hope for net zero: Systemic change is rarely linear

21 Mar 2022

Despite concern over the substance behind many national and corporate net-zero commitments, could the pace of change surprise on the upside? Tom Tayler assesses the state of play.

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What does the data say? ESG in focus

25 Feb 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we look at some of the major ESG trends and metrics of the last few years.

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Valuing nature: An interview with Elizabeth Maruma Mrema

17 Feb 2022

In this interview, AIQ catches up with Tanzanian biodiversity leader and lawyer Elizabeth Maruma Mrema about the threat of biodiversity loss, the recent Kunming Declaration and missed Aichi Biodiversity Targets, as well as the role of finance in protecting nature.

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Smashing the class ceiling: Why business and finance must do more on socioeconomic diversity

16 Feb 2022

Different socioeconomic backgrounds are a key source of diversity of thought, but also intersect with many other diversity traits. The worlds of business and finance cannot achieve true diversity without taking it into account.

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Nature’s domino effects: An interview with Sean B. Carroll on the biodiversity crisis

10 Feb 2022

In this interview, AIQ catches up with biologist and science writer Sean B. Carroll about nature’s hidden connections and why human beings must act to reverse biodiversity loss.

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