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The client lens: An interview with Faith Ward

19 Nov 2020

Brunel Pension Partnership’s chief responsible investment officer discusses climate change, greenwashing and the urgent need to repair flaws in the financial system.

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Navigating the path to net zero: An interview with Jill Rutter

12 Nov 2020

There is a large gulf between the concept of ‘net zero’ and the practical policies that will deliver it. Jill Rutter, senior fellow at the Institute for Government, takes a hard look at the UK’s progress towards the 2050 target.

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Carbon capture: Solution or pipedream?

10 Nov 2020

Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is becoming an increasingly urgent priority in the fight against climate change. Both new and established pathways to remove the gas are under scrutiny, as decision makers around the globe grapple with how to take the most effective action.

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Sustainability in credit: Why ESG scores don’t tell the whole story

5 Nov 2020

ESG ratings are a helpful baseline to assess companies, but views on their ESG risks and opportunities can be honed – and sometimes corrected – through deeper research, trend analysis and meetings with company executives.

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Real assets and net zero: Now for the hard part

29 Oct 2020

There is no lack of willingness among investors in real assets to play their part in helping countries reach net zero by 2050. But much needs to change – and quickly, as Laurence Monnier explains.

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Turn and face the change: How to invest dynamically in an uncertain world

21 Oct 2020

Equity markets are slow to price in the implications of change. This creates opportunities for dynamic, style-agnostic investors to take advantage, argue Caroline Galligan and David Cumming.

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Fit for the future: Unboxing ESG in real assets

5 Oct 2020

Recent events have highlighted the importance of the environmental, social and governance characteristics of real asset investments – not only as part of COVID-19 recovery programmes, but also as a way of futureproofing portfolios.

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The evolution of ESG: More than just a risk mitigator

21 Jul 2020

Once dismissed as a virtuous endeavour that compromised investment returns, the ability to gain a more holistic view of risk by considering environmental, social and governance factors is increasingly appreciated by investors. We assess the evolution of ESG across asset classes, as well as its role as a risk mitigator and opportunity spotter.

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Health first: Finding resilience in pharmaceuticals

2 Jul 2020

COVID-19 has led to a new appreciation of the importance of healthcare in ensuring all members of society thrive. So where should investors be looking to find resilience in an industry facing enormous change?

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COVID-19, comp and doing the right thing: Why corporate values have never been more critical

16 Jun 2020

With annual general meetings now taking place virtually, shareholders, employees and suppliers have had to adjust to lockdowns. While some of the immediate impacts will be phased out with the opening of the economy, stewardship priorities and corporate values may change forever.

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Evidence and ambition: The new rules of engagement on climate change

15 Jun 2020

Mirza Baig explains why far-off commitments on climate change by energy companies and their lenders are no longer enough, and why COVID-19 has catalysed rather than derailed investor engagement on the issue.

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Will COVID-19 prove a watershed for ESG?

14 May 2020

COVID-19 has thrown new light on the interdependencies in human and natural ecosystems, and the vulnerabilities of a closely networked world. Aviva Investors’ responsible investment specialists ask whether this will prove a turning point for environmental, social and governance issues.

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