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The rise of retail investors

17 Jun 2021

Individual investors have long been derided for buying and selling investments at the worst possible moment. But recent events suggest this characterisation is outdated.

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Kings, Dukes and superfunds: An interview with Edi Truell

16 Jun 2021

In a wide-ranging conversation with AIQ, the self-described “disruptive capitalist” whizzes through the highlights of a varied career and ambitions for his latest venture, the UK’s first consolidating pension ‘superfund’. Words by Miles Costello.

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Carbon accounting: Measuring what matters

11 Jun 2021

The focus on net-zero targets has intensified scrutiny on measurement and disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions. But carbon accounting is a young art, explains Dr Matthew Brander, senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

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Action now! Accelerating litigation to meet climate targets

3 Jun 2021

A landmark legal ruling in the Hague has ordered Royal Dutch Shell to move faster to bring its emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate. Thomas Tayler, a trained lawyer and senior manager at Aviva Investors’ Sustainable Finance Centre for Excellence, assesses the fallout.

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What does the data say? Tesla, the halo effect and reasons for CEO departures

28 May 2021

In the latest instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we look at Tesla’s market cap relative to the European “Big Five” carmakers, the average CSR spending of FTSE 100 companies versus their procurement budget and the most common reasons for a CEO to leave a company.

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A tale of two hemispheres: Economic recovery from COVID-19

26 May 2021

While much of the developed world appears to be on the road to recovery, aided by the rapid roll-out of vaccines, the outlook for many poorer countries is far less favourable, says Ian Pizer.

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Carbon credits: Seeing the wood for the trees

20 May 2021

As governments and companies strive to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero, questions are being asked about the role of natural climate solutions. We analyse differing approaches to offsetting and their impact on forest management.

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Green is not always clean: Rising tide of greenwash brings risks for investors

19 May 2021

Some companies have long sought to mislead the public about their commitments to sustainability, but greenwashing has become more widespread and sophisticated in recent years. Now regulators and investors are fighting back.

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By the people, for the people: Why investors should care about human rights

17 May 2021

Companies cannot thrive without healthy and happy employees, consumers, and communities. Investors must use their influence with companies and other stakeholders to ensure the basic rights of these groups are respected.

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Government deficits still matter, just not right now

13 May 2021

Deciding when to tighten the purse strings and hike taxes is complex at any time, and even more so when the economic fallout from COVID-19 remains unclear. Getting deficits – the gap between government spending and income – under control will need to happen eventually, but it would be a brave government that pursued such a goal now.

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Unlocking carbon capture and storage: An Interview with Stuart Haszeldine

12 May 2021

The professor of carbon capture and storage at the University of Edinburgh discusses why achieving net zero needs multiple technologies and explains the thinking behind the UK’s evolving approach.

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COVID, capital and climate: An interview with Ashish Dafria

7 May 2021

Ashish Dafria, chief investment officer for Aviva, discusses the investment implications of the pandemic, climate change and the macroeconomic environment for a large insurer.

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