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Debt, demand and demographics: Can the Chinese economy avoid ‘Japanification’?

29 Nov 2022

With an ageing population, rising debt and vulnerabilities in the property market, China risks following Japan’s path from runaway growth to financial crisis and stagnation. Can Xi’s government rebalance the economy and change course?

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Global equity income Q&A: Richard Saldanha on dividends and downturns

28 Oct 2022

In a challenging economic environment, where can income investors find companies that can grow and sustain dividends? Richard Saldanha answers the big questions.

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The ‘Hotel California’ effect: Why equity investors should keep an eye on switching costs

13 Oct 2022

Companies whose customers face barriers to exit often deliver more resilient performance over the long term, says Francois de Bruin.

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UK equities: Truss, takeovers and turbulence

11 Oct 2022

Charlotte Meyrick and Trevor Green discuss the key narratives driving UK equities and where they see opportunities amidst a challenging backdrop.

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Zero-COVID: China’s costly policy error

10 Aug 2022

Beijing’s ideological battle to stamp out COVID-19 appears increasingly misguided as the rest of the world learns to live with the virus. But the impact of China’s approach will be felt far beyond its borders.

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The AIQ Podcast: Taking stock of nature risk

15 Jul 2022

The idea that human actions are bringing natural systems close to breakdown, threatening livelihoods and financial stability, is making asset managers think harder about nature risk and the environmental dependencies in investee companies.

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Supply chains, painkillers and gene editing: ESG risks in pharma

29 Jun 2022

Reflecting on ESG risks in the pharmaceutical industry, Sora Utzinger discusses supply chains and counterfeit medicines, access to painkillers, and the ethics of gene editing.

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What does the data say? Where have the safe havens gone?

27 May 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at how various asset classes are holding up in a turbulent year for financial markets.

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Life force: Why nature matters

12 May 2022

Growing awareness that natural systems are stressed or even close to breakdown is prompting asset managers to look closely at nature-based risks and investee companies to understand their environmental impacts and dependencies.

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Back to nature: Why we must act now on the biodiversity crisis

31 Mar 2022

In an age of mass extinctions, policymakers, businesses and financial institutions are beginning to acknowledge the risks associated with biodiversity loss, along with the opportunities that arise from nature-positive solutions.

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Now for the hard part…..The challenge of delivering net zero

29 Mar 2022

More than one fifth of the world’s largest listed companies have committed to net-zero targets, but few have detailed roadmaps to get there. Mirza Baig considers the challenges for investors managing transition pathways.

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Ukraine-Russia crisis: The implications for global equities

29 Mar 2022

Our global equities team discuss the main direct and indirect consequences of the Ukraine-Russia crisis for stocks.

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