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Chemical compounds: The good, the bad and the ugly

9 Dec 2020

After decades of secrecy, light is increasingly being shone on the potentially hazardous compounds produced by chemical companies. In the latest instalment of our editorial series, Link, experts from Aviva Investors’ credit, equities and ESG teams discuss the prevalence of chemicals in modern life, and how to balance usefulness and safety.

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Pricing power is the magic ingredient for equity investors

27 Nov 2020

Evidence that a company wields pricing power in its industry is the best indication of a sustainable competitive advantage, argues Giles Parkinson.

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Once bitten, twice shy: Is there value in tech by avoiding the FAANGs?

30 Oct 2020

The gravity-defying rally in technology shares has led some commentators to draw comparisons with the bubble of the late 1990s. However, Mikhail Zverev and Alistair Way believe there are still opportunities to be found in some of the sector’s less-fashionable stocks.

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US Election 2020: Expect the unexpected

29 Oct 2020

As the US presidential election looms, we explore potential scenarios – from a Democratic “blue sweep” to a Trump re-election to a divided government – and assess the implications for investors.

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Turn and face the change: How to invest dynamically in an uncertain world

21 Oct 2020

Equity markets are slow to price in the implications of change. This creates opportunities for dynamic, style-agnostic investors to take advantage, argue Caroline Galligan and David Cumming.

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Don’t feed the troll: Social media companies face reckoning over hate speech

28 Sep 2020

Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are drawing criticism for their failure to tackle hate content. But will the hit to their reputation do any lasting commercial damage?

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Investing in the gut: Fixing the bacterial bugs in our microbiome

21 Sep 2020

COVID-19 has intensified interest in the human microbiome, as researchers contemplate whether bacteria living in the gut might affect susceptibility to infection. Drawing on our experience in public markets and Ahren Innovation Capital’s knowledge of private markets, we look at the companies making strides in live biotherapeutics, using ‘bugs as drugs’, and key challenges that need to be overcome.

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Why limit yourself? The benefits of style-agnostic investing

16 Sep 2020

Investors wanting to consistently exploit market inefficiencies should leave style biases behind, argues Mikhail Zverev.

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Out with the old: Why income investors must be on the right side of change

2 Sep 2020

It has been a difficult year for income investing, as many companies have announced cuts or suspensions to dividends. But there are opportunities for investors willing to do some digging to find resilient businesses, says Richard Saldanha.

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The clockmaker and the longitude problem: A lesson for investors in bottom-up problem solving

25 Aug 2020

Bottom-up thinking is not a typical hallmark of multi-asset investing. However, Francois de Bruin believes the granularity that comes from this approach offers useful diversification and risk benefits.

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Electric avenue: EVs and the transformation of autos

13 Aug 2020

In the latest instalment of our editorial series, Link, experts from our infrastructure, credit research and equity teams discuss why efforts to ‘build back better’ as economies recover from COVID-19 could further accelerate investment in electric vehicles and associated infrastructure.

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Chinese equities: A rally of substance?

12 Aug 2020

Chinese equities have risen sharply in recent weeks, mirroring trends in global markets. While some commentators have warned efforts by Beijing to juice share prices are inflating an unsustainable bubble, Alistair Way and Xiaoyu Liu argue valuations are far from excessive.

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