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Is Australia heading for a credit crunch?

16 Aug 2018

Rampant property price inflation has put Australian authorities in a tight spot as they attempt to tighten banks’ lending standards without triggering a credit crunch, argues James McAlevey.

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The next frontier

18 Jul 2018

Despite a torrid few months, frontier bond markets still have an important role to play in investors' portfolios.

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The future of fixed income

10 Jul 2018

We consider how technological advances, alternative data sources and shifting investor flow dynamics are changing the face of fixed income markets.

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Bond benchmarks: yardstick or crutch

10 Jul 2018

Market indices are inherently inefficient. That can pose a problem for fund managers who rely too much on them as performance and risk benchmarks, explains Josh Lohmeier, head of North American investment grade credit at Aviva Investors.

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Shares boosted by Korea talks

31 May 2018

While interest rates appear to be on a gradual upward trajectory in much of the world, UK financial markets were forced to scale back expectations of tighter monetary policy as softer domestic economic data appeared to give the Bank of England pause for thought.

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Not just about duration: the benefits of a multi-factor approach to fixed income

1 May 2018

Duration is a key consideration for bond investors. But it’s far from the whole story.

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Prospect of IMF-led reforms attracts debt investors to Africa

24 Apr 2018

Countries in receipt of IMF support often see rapid economic improvements. But local knowledge is crucial for bond investors chasing the ‘IMF trade’, says Carmen Altenkirch.

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When is a trade war not a trade war?

23 Apr 2018

The latest feud between the US and China has sparked fears of an all out trade war, with much at stake for both countries and the wider world.

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Interesting times: the advantages of active fixed income

19 Apr 2018

Opportunity knocks for fixed income investors who are not forced to ‘hug’ market indices.

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High yield: going global

16 Apr 2018

A jump in interest rates could swamp high yield returns, but a global approach and a focus on short duration can help weather a rising tide.

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The dangerous science of buckets

22 Mar 2018

Why absolute return fixed income challenges traditional asset allocation thinking.

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Five years on from the taper tantrum, emerging market debt shows improved resilience

19 Mar 2018

Emerging market fixed income has come a long way since the trials of 2013, says Liam Spillane.

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