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Logistics: ‘Last mile’ or further to run?

19 Jun 2020

Following a decade of bumper demand and returns, many experts are questioning whether logistics real estate assets have reached their prime or whether they still have further to run. Vivienne Bolla argues the latter.

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COVID-19 and data infrastructure: Will demand translate into profit?

18 Jun 2020

During the initial outbreak of COVID-19, we published a report on the underlying long-term trends supporting data infrastructure. Since then, much about the world as we knew it has changed. Laurence Monnier assesses how many of the trends we identified remain intact and whether the surge in demand for data services and infrastructure will translate into investment opportunities.

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Cinderella science? Why portfolio construction holds the key to resilient investment outcomes

9 Jun 2020

It is one thing to have a good investment idea, but quite another to extract the maximum potential from that idea and combine it with others to create an optimal portfolio. This is where portfolio construction comes in.

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COVID-19: Is there still a premium for illiquidity?

27 May 2020

One of the immediate consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a marked reduction in investors’ risk appetite. But will their appetite for the illiquidity premium in private markets also disappear? Laurence Monnier explores.

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COVID 19: The trade-off between staying safe and getting back to work

15 May 2020

An economy in lockdown has significant effects for investors in real assets. In this data illustration, our real assets research team consider the benefit of businesses returning to their usual locations against the risks of doing so.

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COVID-19: Do past recessions offer lessons for real estate investors?

7 May 2020

Although history offers no magical answers, it can serve as a useful guide in times of extreme uncertainty. Vivienne Bolla and Souad Cherfouh dig into the archives to better understand the effects of recessions on real estate.

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COVID-19 and beyond: Three predictions for transport infrastructure

30 Apr 2020

Constant reminders that COVID-19 ‘does not discriminate’ seem in stark contrast to the social and economic consequences playing out in front of us. Some sectors are clearly being hit harder than others – perhaps none more so than transport. Laurence Monnier looks at the long-term implications for the industry and its supporting infrastructure.

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'Mastering the real estate cycle'

17 Apr 2020

The cyclicality of real estate creates opportunities for well-informed investors. However, determining where a market is in the cycle can be difficult, so we have developed a tool that can help investors overcome this challenge.

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COVID-19 to test the resilience of long income

16 Apr 2020

Real estate long income strategies are known for their defensive qualities. Tim Perry explores how the impact of COVID-19 on the asset class will vary across businesses and sectors.

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The impact of COVID-19 on private debt

30 Mar 2020

As COVID-19 sweeps across the world, a contraction in global growth is causing an adverse short-term reaction to the economy and financial markets. While the extent of contagion from public markets to private debt remains unclear, transactions with strong downside protection should remain more resilient through the crisis, explains Nikhil Chandra.

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COVID-19: The impact on European real estate

30 Mar 2020

As the spread of COVID-19 and government response continue to evolve, we analyse recent developments and how they could affect European real estate.

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The impact of COVID-19 on UK infrastructure

26 Mar 2020

As well as its profound human impact, COVID-19 is having a marked effect on asset prices and transaction activity in all areas of financial markets. But beyond the short-term uncertainty, UK infrastructure stakeholders are looking for clues as to how the crisis could influence the market’s longer-term prospects.

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