Latest responsible investment thinking

  • What does the data say? ESG in focus

    25 Feb 2022

    In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we look at some of the major ESG trends and metrics of the last few years.

  • Valuing nature: An interview with Elizabeth Maruma Mrema

    17 Feb 2022

    In this interview, AIQ catches up with Tanzanian biodiversity leader and lawyer Elizabeth Maruma Mrema about the threat of biodiversity loss, the recent Kunming Declaration and missed Aichi Biodiversity Targets, as well as the role of finance in protecting nature.

  • Smashing the class ceiling: Why business and finance must do more on socioeconomic diversity

    16 Feb 2022

    Different socioeconomic backgrounds are a key source of diversity of thought, but also intersect with many other diversity traits. The worlds of business and finance cannot achieve true diversity without taking it into account.

  • Nature’s domino effects: An interview with Sean B. Carroll on the biodiversity crisis

    10 Feb 2022

    In this interview, AIQ catches up with biologist and science writer Sean B. Carroll about nature’s hidden connections and why human beings must act to reverse biodiversity loss.

  • Investing for a fairer world

    4 Feb 2022

    The impact of poor corporate behaviour on society has been one of the great blind spots of the financial industry, despite evidence of the damage done. We look at how investors should approach socially-responsible investing.

  • Why investors should care about nature

    31 Jan 2022

    There is growing concern about the impact of economic activity on the natural world. Investors can make a difference by focusing on those companies seeking to improve their behaviour and those developing products and services that will benefit the environment.

  • Powering up: How the drive to meet net zero targets will scale up electricity demand

    26 Jan 2022

    Decarbonising energy is leading to a raft of infrastructure challenges for the electric grid. So, what will this mean for investors?

  • Our annual letter to company chairpersons

    24 Jan 2022

    As a key part of our engagement efforts, every January we send a letter to the chairs of companies we invest in (and some we don’t, but still want to use our influence with) to set out our stewardship priorities for the year. Here, in full, is our 2022 letter.

  • Race, ethnicity and investing: Where are we now?

    20 Jan 2022

    In late 2020, AIQ spoke to Aviva Investors’ senior management about institutional racism and the continued under-representation of black people in finance. They outlined a series of key actions, to improve in-house diversity and inclusion and our engagement with investee companies. A little more than a year on, we explore areas of progress, where more needs to be done, and plans for 2022 and beyond. 

  • Nature shock: Grappling with nature-based risk

    19 Jan 2022

    Could nature degradation prove a significant threat to corporate and financial stability? As climate change accelerates, oceans acidify, deforestation and soil erosion continue and species are lost, this important question is weighing on investors and financial regulators around the world.

  • Investing for climate action: Easy as SBTs?

    11 Jan 2022

    With governments struggling to turn words into action on climate change, investors can ensure the private sector plays its part by pushing firms to adopt science-based targets, argues Rick Stathers.

  • Lessons from tech and military: Why asset managers need to be agile to stay effective and relevant

    22 Dec 2021

    Asset managers must promote diversity of thought if they are to future-proof their businesses and provide clients with great service. They can learn valuable lessons on how to do this from tech companies, military leaders and ancient philosophers, writes Apiramy Jeyarajah, head of UK wholesale at Aviva Investors.

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