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  • Blueprints for a greener economy: Creating a transition planning ecosystem

    25 Jun 2024

    National transition plans can give investors support, confidence and direction to accelerate the flow of finance to bring about a low-carbon economy. As such, they should be seen as a strategic opportunity.

  • Nothing to fear: Sustainable investing trade-offs

    19 Jun 2024

    Sustainable investing, and the supposed trade-offs involved, have been a topic of heated debate. But trade-offs are a fundamental part of all types of investment; the key is to be clear about your objectives, as Mirza Baig explains.

  • The tipping point for climate finance: Making financial flows consistent with the Paris Agreement

    29 Nov 2023

    Transition plans, including from governments in response to the Global Stocktake, will be crucial to bring about the shift to a low-emissions, climate-resilient world. Markets need clear implementation signals to align capital with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Our in-depth report calls for the creation of a transition-plan ecosystem connecting all levels of the global economy.

  • China versus the West:The ongoing rise of economic nationalism

    2 Oct 2023

    The US and China continue to trade blows as each side looks to limit the other’s access to vital products. With industrial policies also making a comeback, companies are having to navigate a rapidly changing business environment. We look at the key implications for investors.  

  • Disability inclusion in the workplace: Taking down the barriers

    28 Sep 2023

    Disabled employees continue to face a variety of hurdles to cope with in addition to their day job. We look at how employers can help remove those barriers to allow everyone to thrive.

  • Accelerating climate solutions: The Edinburgh Earth Initiative in profile

    30 Jun 2023

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, academics at the University of Edinburgh helped drive the Industrial Revolution. Today, they are connecting with businesses to tackle the climate emergency. Words by Miles Costello.

  • Buy it or build it: Why innovation is key in healthcare

    1 Jun 2023

    Healthcare is a dynamic industry, but patent expiries from 2025 and drug-price reform in the US pose challenges. Innovation will be key for continued success, as experts from our credit, equity and ESG teams explain.

  • Getting a taste for fiscal intervention, but at what cost?

    19 May 2023

    Fiscal intervention is, again, a vital part of the government policy toolkit, supporting plans to boost domestic industries and fight climate change. But while well-intended, such measures will add to already elevated debt levels, with significant implications for investors, as Michael Grady explains.

  • Forget what you think you know: Staying humble in a world of rising risk

    16 May 2023

    In a world where potential pitfalls loom around every corner, Peter Fitzgerald and Ian Pizer explain why investors need to look beyond what financial models are telling them to keep portfolios resilient to the challenges ahead.

  • Fragilities exposed as cheap money disappears

    5 May 2023

    Cracks have begun to emerge in the banking sector in recent weeks. As the tide of cheap money that has flooded financial markets for more than a decade ebbs, members of our investment teams are on the lookout for other signs of distress.

  • What does the data say? Five charts on financial fragilities

    14 Apr 2023

    We take a visual approach to explain what’s happening with banks.

  • LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace: Creating psychological safety

    11 Apr 2023

    Each experience is unique, but lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and other non-heteronormative people (LGBTQ+) still face huge challenges, in and out of the workplace. Companies should do more to support them and foster a culture of inclusion.

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