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Illiquidity premia in real assets: Q2 2022

9 Aug 2022

Our real assets research team crunch the data to see whether the effects of rising inflation and interest rates are being reflected in private market returns.

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Long income, short ESG windows: Matching real estate long income and responsible investing timelines

2 Aug 2022

Luke Layfield looks at how real estate long income can help address clients’ ESG responsible investing objectives and how respective timelines for implementing change can be best aligned.

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Our progress towards net zero in real assets: A Q&A with Ed Dixon

30 May 2022

One year on from publishing our 2040 net-zero pathway for real assets, Ed Dixon talks through some of the key highlights, challenges and priorities for 2022.

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Off balance and out of step

16 Mar 2022

Daniel McHugh explains why real estate strategies need to change with the times.

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Real assets: An alternative way to hedge inflation risk

3 Feb 2022

As inflation soars to levels not seen in years, the costs of hedging against it via traditional liquid market securities are becoming prohibitively expensive. Real assets might offer institutional investors a better option, argues Luke Layfield.

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The time for action is now: Incorporating carbon into private markets

13 Jan 2022

Our real assets research analysts explore the whys and wherefores of understanding and managing the carbon footprint of their portfolios.

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That déjà vu feeling: The outlook for UK infrastructure

6 Jan 2022

Darryl Murphy assesses the current state of the UK infrastructure market and the likely drivers of activity in 2022.

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European long-income real estate: Seeking resilience in an uncertain world

20 Dec 2021

As the trajectory of COVID-19 continues to evolve, Isabel Gossling looks at the implications for European real estate and long-lease strategies.

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The long decline: Why trend economic growth is set to go on falling

12 Nov 2021

Trend rates of economic growth, which have been on the decline for decades in the world’s leading economies, look set to fall further. That will have big implications for governments, companies, households and investors, argues Stewart Robertson.

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An investor’s perspective on the UK’s Net Zero Strategy

28 Oct 2021

Darryl Murphy assesses the implications and opportunities for infrastructure investors.

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Disclosures, trade-offs and green premia: The future of sustainability in real assets

7 Oct 2021

The path to a sustainable future for private markets is full of opportunity but also complexity, as Laurence Monnier and Ed Dixon explain.

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How to build an office: Post-pandemic

13 Aug 2021

Watch our video to find out how offices can provide a powerful tool in boosting productivity, and attracting and retaining the best talent.

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