In the fifth edition of our award-winning publication, The Little Book of Data, we use visualisations to bring to life the biggest trends in economies and markets.

Data is the new oil. Statements like this highlight how data has become a fast-evolving and highly valued commodity in the information age.

Data on its own, however, is meaningless. This is where data visualisation comes in. The ability to present data in clear and creative ways is becoming a valuable commodity in its own right. The crucial point is that it should be accurate, as free from bias as possible, and draw you in to tell you something important or new.

The world, including finance, is constantly changing and investors are always looking for an edge. Every year, we curate and create what we believe are some of the most relevant and thought-provoking charts and information graphics for our clients.

Download the fifth edition of ‘The Little Book of Data’ to understand:

  • The biggest macro and market developments
  • The social, economic and environmental costs of war
  • Key themes affecting people, climate and Earth
book visuals

Download the book

The Little Book of Data 5

PDF 41.3 MB 112 pages

The fifth edition of The Little Book of Data looks at the social and economic impact of conflict, rising inflation and the climate crisis, among other important themes.

Or by chapter for a shorter read

Chapter 1: The bigger picture

PDF 4.4 MB 28 pages

We explore major macro and market developments, from systemic shocks to inflation; from the energy crisis to the faltering Chinese economy.

Chapter 2: Conflict

PDF 7.7 MB 21 pages

We present key data on the social, economic and environmental costs of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. We also look at the ongoing China-Taiwan tensions and global patterns in military spending.

Chapter 3: People

PDF 6.5 MB 24 pages

We look at the big people stories, from rising inequality to China’s zero-COVID policy; from the resurgence of trade unions to the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Chapter 4: Climate

PDF 23.5 MB 25 pages

As temperatures and natural disasters surge, make no mistake: the planet faces an emergency. We present key climate data and explore potential solutions.

Chapter 5: Earth

PDF 5.9 MB 20 pages

We put the spotlight on natural capital, from rethinking agriculture and textiles to nature restoration; from the rise of plastic pollution to the impact of deep-sea mining.

Previous editions

The Little Book of Data 4

PDF 41.9 MB 71 pages

The fourth edition of The Little Book of Data investigates the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the escalating climate crisis and other key market themes.

The Little Book of Data 3

PDF 19.8 MB 116 pages

The third edition of The Little Book of Data focuses on COVID-19, environmental sustainability and the battle for social equality.

The Little Book of Data 2

PDF 19.2 MB 84 pages

The second edition of The Little Book of Data discusses climate modelling, urbanisation and the financial implications of retirement.

The Little Book of Data 1

PDF 8.8 MB 73 pages

The first edition of The Little Book of Data explores demographics, tech, trade wars and the impact of Brexit.

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