View from the floor: volatility: down but not out?

Fixed income Multi-strategy Multi-asset April 2017

In the latest 'View from the Floor' podcast, Nick Samouilhan, Trevor Leydon, Ben Maynard and James McAlevey consider why volatility remains subdued and what might trigger its resurgence.

For much of the post financial crisis period, volatility in financial markets has been largely suppressed with any spikes short-lived; as evidenced by how quickly markets recovered from the UK’s ‘Brexit’ vote and more recently Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections.

The world’s major central banks have undoubtedly helped engineer this unnatural calm through quantitative easing (QE) and a raft of other extraordinary measures. But as they start to step back from crisis mode, markets theoretically should return to a more normal – and potentially more volatile – state.

In this podcast, we look beneath the bonnet to consider:

  • Why markets have been able to shrug off major political surprises and other shocks;
  • Whether the broad theme of low volatility applies at a sector or individual security level or if pockets of volatility are building back up;
  • Why new financial sector regulations are likely to result in higher volatility as QE programmes come to an end;
  • Potential catalysts for major spikes of volatility in future and how investors should prepare for this.  

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