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  • Everybody wants one: Are sustainable bonds the new smartphones?

    5 Mar 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance and fragility of the natural balance. As governments, companies and investors aim for a just transition, sustainable bonds are being issued at pace in different formats. Is it a fad, and do markets really need so many varieties?

  • From crisis comes opportunity: What’s normal now?

    2 Mar 2021

    Big challenges bring us the opportunity to think differently. Our investment teams reveal what they have learnt from COVID-19, and how they are preparing to face whatever ‘normal’ emerges in a post-pandemic world.

  • The COVID Nudge

    28 Jan 2021

    In these data visualisations, we look at whether COVID-19 will achieve something that millions spent on public health campaigning has failed to do.

  • What a carve up! The future of the internet

    22 Jan 2021

    Commercial and geopolitical forces are threatening to fracture the internet into competing regimes, making it harder for companies to operate across borders and potentially limiting their growth. We explore the implications for investors.

  • Investing for impact in private debt to combat climate change

    21 Jan 2021

    Impact investment strategies will have an important role to play if the green credentials of the world’s stock of real estate is to be transformed, argue Gregor Bamert and Stanley Kwong.

  • The path for oil and gas after COVID-19

    20 Jan 2021

    Post-COVID recovery initiatives from governments are increasingly taking a green path, but the response of oil and gas companies so far runs from denial to complete reinvention. Should they continue pumping oil for as long as they can to avoid destroying capital for investors, or do they need to accelerate efforts to future proof their businesses now?

  • Our annual letter to company chairpersons

    15 Jan 2021

    As part of our engagement efforts, every January we send a letter to the chairs of companies we invest in (and some we don’t, but still want to use our influence with) to set out our stewardship priorities for the year. Here, in full, is our 2021 letter.

  • Issuance, support from equities and volatility: The outlook for convertible bonds in 2021

    18 Dec 2020

    Shawn Mato, convertible bond fund manager, picks three themes that could have a big say in how the asset class performs in 2021.

  • Zombie revival, improving fundamentals and monetary policy: The outlook for high yield in 2021

    17 Dec 2020

    Kevin Mathews, Brent Finck and Sunita Kara, high yield portfolio managers at Aviva Investors, pick out three themes that will shape the asset class in 2021.

  • Stimulus, M&A and US politics: The outlook for investment grade credit in 2021

    17 Dec 2020

    Mike Cho and Jonathan Manning, investment-grade portfolio managers at Aviva Investors, look at the themes that will shape the asset class in 2021.

  • Chemical compounds: The good, the bad and the ugly

    9 Dec 2020

    After decades of secrecy, light is increasingly being shone on the potentially hazardous compounds produced by chemical companies. In the latest instalment of our editorial series, Link, experts from Aviva Investors’ credit, equities and ESG teams discuss the prevalence of chemicals in modern life, and how to balance usefulness and safety.

  • Sustainability in credit: Why ESG scores don’t tell the whole story

    5 Nov 2020

    ESG ratings are a helpful baseline to assess companies, but views on their ESG risks and opportunities can be honed – and sometimes corrected – through deeper research, trend analysis and meetings with company executives.

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