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Our annual showcase of the most beautiful, concise and informative published over the past year, The Little Book of Data aims to provide investors with a different perspective on the world and help guide their decisions.

The power of visualising data in innovative ways cannot be understated. Part art, part science, it requires an expert instinct for understanding what matters most; the skill being as much in what you leave out as what you present.

In investing, as data and information expand at an ever-increasing rate, the importance of visualising data accurately and engagingly will only grow. Not only does it help drive efficiency and reduce cognitive load (by helping people understand important trends and concepts more quickly), it can also help create entirely new perspectives.

As with the last three editions of The Little Book of Data, we have curated some of the best and most informative charts over the last 12 months; the ones that, as well as being visually arresting, speak to the most pressing issues of the day.

Themes covered in this edition of include:

  • The bigger picture
  • COVID-19
  • Data and technology
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Markets and economies

A beautifully printed coffee table book

Over 120 pages of full colour spreads showing stunning data visualisations covering topical themes from across the world.

Cover and inside of book

“Unique and intelligential materials, so impressed.”

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“Really well made I must say. A joy to read.”

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“One of the few hard copy mailings I would spend time looking through. Even my wife likes looking through it and she isn’t in our industry.”

Investment consultant

“Thank you so much for the book.... I found it stunning.”

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Against our nature

Through visual design and simple but provocative messaging, Against our nature aims to playfully remind people of their part in the climate crisis and help them navigate the myriad of psychological and behavioural traps that lie in wait for them.

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