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Longevity, policy and technology: An interview with Andrew Scott

6 Aug 2020

Living longer brings enormous opportunities to reshape how we spend our time. But in the first of a two-part interview, Andrew Scott from London Business School explains how advances in longevity and technology have not been matched by innovation in social structures or our approach to financial planning.

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Multi-strategy investing and the COVID crash: Resilience and redemption?

29 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many things into focus, reminding investors of the shock of a market crash. With bond and equity prices already back at levels that seem to belie the harsh economic reality, Peter Fitzgerald and Mark Robertson believe it could be time to reconsider absolute return multi-strategy investing once more.

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The risks on the savings and retirement journey

21 Jul 2020

COVID-19 has caused significant volatility in financial markets, creating headaches for defined contribution pension schemes seeking to deliver robust outcomes. Overcoming this requires a full map of risks along the savings and retirement journey, argues Francois de Bruin.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Finding opportunities in the crisis

16 Jul 2020

Despite uncertainty around lockdown exits and economic recovery, the role of a fund manager is to explore hidden opportunities as well as protect capital. Sunil Krishnan discusses why investment-grade credit and European assets could fit the bill for multi-asset portfolios.

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Multi-asset allocation views: How long will the COVID-19 damage last?

26 Jun 2020

Nearly three months after COVID-19 caused markets to crash and sent countries across the globe into lockdown, debates continue over what the post-COVID world will look like and the extent of the long-term damage. Sunil Krishnan remains cautious.

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What do rising US-China tensions mean for global markets?

24 Jun 2020

In the latest instalment of our editorial series, Link, Aviva Investors experts discuss the prospects for financial markets and the world economy in the face of escalating hostilities between the US and China.

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Defined Benefit pensions de-risking: A covenant and investment view

23 Jun 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 shock, Felix Mantz from Lincoln Pensions and Joachim Sudre from Aviva Investors explore how defined benefit pension schemes should plan their journey towards an end game and adopt a more holistic approach to risk.

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Cinderella science? Why portfolio construction holds the key to resilient investment outcomes

9 Jun 2020

It is one thing to have a good investment idea, but quite another to extract the maximum potential from that idea and combine it with others to create an optimal portfolio. This is where portfolio construction comes in.

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Where to go in an income drought?

9 Jun 2020

Income investors face multiple challenges – dividend cuts, historically low yields, rising corporate defaults, and an uncertain property market. Francois de Bruin goes in search of sustainable income sources.

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COVID-19: This time is different?

3 Apr 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be unlike anything financial markets have experienced before, the past still offers valuable lessons for investors trying to make sense of the crisis, explains Euan Munro.

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COVID-19 and a brief history of emerging market debt drawdowns

2 Apr 2020

The scale and speed of COVID-19’s impact on global financial markets has caused emerging market debt returns to decline at a pace not seen since the global financial crisis. However, history suggests the recovery of the asset class may also turn out to be quick.

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COVID-19: When it comes to pandemics, investors should listen to the real experts

1 Apr 2020

In early February, with financial markets oblivious to medical experts’ warnings about the dangers posed by the coronavirus, Ian Pizer of Aviva Investors’ investment strategy team began to look into the medical research to learn more about the potential outcomes and the implications for the global economy and markets. What he discovered raises questions about financial market participants’ ability to react to issues they don’t fully understand.

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