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The future of pharma: Increased returns or the age of biotech?

8 Dec 2021

After decades of low returns on research and development (R&D), the healthcare sector is producing a slew of innovations, from drugs to diagnostics. But with many coming from new entrants, will big pharmaceutical companies manage to keep up with the times?

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Multi-asset allocation views: How durable is ‘transitory’ inflation?

22 Nov 2021

As central banks continue to stretch what ‘transitory’ inflation means, Sunil Krishnan explores how price pressures are changing and the implications for multi-asset portfolios.

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The long decline: Why trend economic growth is set to go on falling

12 Nov 2021

Trend rates of economic growth, which have been on the decline for decades in the world’s leading economies, look set to fall further. That will have big implications for governments, companies, households and investors, argues Stewart Robertson.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Emerging themes for portfolio diversification

22 Sep 2021

Diversification is a core tenet of multi-asset investing. Sunil Krishnan explores thematic ideas that may help diversify portfolios in the current market environment.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Moving short on duration

16 Jul 2021

A strong economic recovery and continued reflationary bias from the Federal Reserve could push long-dated yields higher on US Treasuries, says Sunil Krishnan.

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The rise of retail investors

17 Jun 2021

Individual investors have long been derided for buying and selling investments at the worst possible moment. But recent events suggest this characterisation is outdated.

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For richer, for poorer? Post-COVID economic fortunes likely to diverge

15 Jun 2021

The global economy looks to be recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak faster than once seemed likely. However, a big divergence in prospects is emerging between richer and poorer nations.

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A tale of two hemispheres: Economic recovery from COVID-19

26 May 2021

While much of the developed world appears to be on the road to recovery, aided by the rapid roll-out of vaccines, the outlook for many poorer countries is far less favourable, says Ian Pizer.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Equities on a style merry-go-round

18 May 2021

Although economic growth, operating leverage and valuations support equities, it is too early to tell whether value stocks are finally set to make a comeback, says Sunil Krishnan.

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Income: A dangerous love affair

11 May 2021

Beauty is only skin deep, as the saying goes. Francois de Bruin explains what this piece of wisdom means for yield-hungry income investors.

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David takes on Goliath: Retail investors show they are a force to be reckoned with

28 Apr 2021

Recent events have shown the increasing influence of retail investors, although long-term financial success will continue to depend on making the right fundamental calls, argues Peter Fitzgerald.

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Multi-asset allocation views: Loose policy doesn’t rule out a steeper curve

15 Apr 2021

While inflation is expected to rise after last year’s lows, it will likely be transitory. Sunil Krishnan explores what this means for the economy, yield curves and equity markets.

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