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Measuring the mythical: Quantifying the green premium in real estate

21 Jul 2021

The green premium is an elusive concept. Laurence Monnier reviews the academic literature and crunches some numbers to try and quantify the extra pricing power afforded by more sustainable commercial properties.

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How to assess social value: Guidance from Hatch

29 Jun 2021

Asset managers of many different hues claim they are thinking harder about their social role: the ‘S’ in ESG. But evaluating social value generated from investment decisions is not straightforward, as consultant Dr Kelly Watson from Hatch explains.

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From social wash to social value

29 Jun 2021

The inequalities highlighted by COVID-19 have led to much soul searching, including among investors on whether they are doing enough to address the issues of the day. Ed Dixon, Aviva Investors’ head of ESG - real assets, contemplates how investors in tangible assets can put capital to work to drive change.

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The Blitz, agglomeration economies, and a giant supply-side real estate experiment

21 Jun 2021

The tragedy and destruction caused by the Blitz created an unintended natural experiment in urban redevelopment. Chris Urwin reflects on what this can teach us anything about agglomeration economies and the resilience of cities.

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Rating game: Getting the measure of infrastructure equity risk

17 Jun 2021

Unlike liquid markets and real estate, a lack of publicly available data has made assessing risk more challenging for infrastructure equity assets. Laurence Monnier considers the options for investors looking to complement qualitative assessments with quantitative rigour.

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Systems rationality: Post-lockdown commuting, herding and real estate debt lessons

15 Jun 2021

Herd-like lending behaviour is counter-productive and exacerbates real estate risks. Gregor Bamert argues a wider range of capital sources and investment approaches may help combat this in future.

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Pressure points: The investment challenges facing insurers

5 May 2021

Low interest rates, regulation and ESG risks are not new considerations for insurers’ investment strategies. However, the long-term fallout from COVID-19 is adding a layer of complexity they will need to adjust to.

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What does the data say? Bitcoin, offices and emissions

30 Apr 2021

In our monthly visual series on topical data themes, we look at whether Bitcoin could be the new gold, if COVID-19 has put pressure on London office rents, and the extent to which transport affects the carbon footprint of foods.

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Paris offices: How the knowledge economy illuminates the City of Lights

29 Apr 2021

Talent, clusters and scale are three key reasons why Paris is one of the world’s most attractive office markets, explain Souad Cherfouh and Chris Urwin.

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Concentrate! How to benefit from specialisation and diversification in real estate

14 Apr 2021

Too much emphasis on geographic and sector diversification within real estate portfolios can hinder alpha generation. More focus on lease length, asset quality and other factors is a preferred means of reducing specific risks whilst allowing specialisation, argues Tim Perry.

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Five charts that show Copenhagen is a city of the future

7 Apr 2021

We take a visual approach to highlight why Copenhagen is such a rich, vibrant and economically prosperous city.

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What does the data say? Vaccines, illiquidity and managers called Dave

26 Mar 2021

In the first of a new monthly series, we take a visual approach to illustrate topical data themes in economies, markets and beyond. This month we look at the correlation between stock market performance and vaccinations, the illiquidity premium in real assets, and whether there are still more men called Dave running funds than female managers.

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