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Relative value, ‘normality’ and polarisation: The outlook for real estate in 2021

16 Dec 2020

Souad Cherfouh, head of real estate investment strategy, and Jonathan Bayfield, head of UK and Irish real estate research, look at three themes that could characterise the real estate market in 2021 and beyond.

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COVID, remote working and building back better: The stories that defined real assets in 2020

16 Dec 2020

We select some of our key pieces of content on real asset markets in a dramatic year.

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COVID, climate and Black Lives Matter: The stories that defined 2020

10 Dec 2020

We select some of our key pieces of content in a year of unending drama.

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Navigating the path to net zero: An interview with Jill Rutter

12 Nov 2020

There is a large gulf between the concept of ‘net zero’ and the practical policies that will deliver it. Jill Rutter, senior fellow at the Institute for Government, takes a hard look at the UK’s progress towards the 2050 target.

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Real assets and net zero: Now for the hard part

29 Oct 2020

There is no lack of willingness among investors in real assets to play their part in helping countries reach net zero by 2050. But much needs to change – and quickly, as Laurence Monnier explains.

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Remote working is on the rise, but the office remains indispensable

26 Oct 2020

While the COVID-19 lockdown has highlighted the possibilities of home working, bringing people together in offices is still the best way to spur innovation and productivity, says Jonathan Bayfield.

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Overcoming underwriting obstacles in a pandemic and beyond

16 Oct 2020

The near-term disruption caused by the coronavirus has been testing for real estate borrowers seeking finance and originators. Gregor Bamert explains why new deals are still possible for those able to look through short-term uncertainty.

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When equity becomes debt: The untapped potential of amortising-lease real estate

9 Oct 2020

Pension schemes seeking alternatives to bonds may find amortising leases a compelling option, writes Luke Layfield.

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Fit for the future: Unboxing ESG in real assets

5 Oct 2020

Recent events have highlighted the importance of the environmental, social and governance characteristics of real asset investments – not only as part of COVID-19 recovery programmes, but also as a way of futureproofing portfolios.

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Fibre broadband: The need for speed

9 Sep 2020

Lockdown measures imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the importance of digital connectivity. Tim Perry looks at the investment opportunities and challenges associated with European economies transitioning from copper to faster fibre broadband networks.

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Swipe right: The Tinder effect on real estate

24 Aug 2020

It can be hard to perceive how society, and consequently our use of real estate, is changing. Sometimes, major structural trends are hiding in plain sight, says Chris Urwin.

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Five charts that show Manchester is a city of the future

20 Aug 2020

In this short, visual article we present five charts that show why Manchester is such a rich, vibrant and economically prosperous city. Our view is that the ingredients of connectivity, culture, talent, scale and scientific heritage make the city well-equipped to thrive in the coming years and decades.

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