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UK and continental Europe real estate outlook

13 Jun 2019

Analysts Jonathan Bayfield and Vivienne Bolla discuss the outlook for UK and European real estate.

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ESG gets physical: The role of real assets in creating a sustainable future

4 Jun 2019

Physical assets, particularly infrastructure and real estate, have a critical role to play in facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable economy and a greener world. As ultimate asset owners, investors are deeply engaged in the issues, and incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations is a fundamental part of an asset manager’s duty to their clients.

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London Calling? The outlook for retail property in London

7 May 2019

In this piece Jonathan Bayfield outlines why we are positive on the outlook for London retail and how we can identify the London sub-markets with the best medium-term investment prospects.

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Quarterly update on drivers in illiquid assets - Q1 2019

25 Apr 2019

In our regular update on real assets we assess real estate positioning in the late stages of the cycle, check interest in real assets in a period of Brexit-related uncertainty and illustrate the spreads achievable across private assets of varying credit quality.

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The future of transport: Mapping the way ahead

29 Mar 2019

New technologies, including electric and autonomous vehicles, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, will have significant consequences for the transport sector and beyond.

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Real estate: beating the benchmark blues

21 Mar 2019

During a sustained period of strong performance for real estate assets, an investment strategy based on mimicking the benchmark paid off handsomely. But as we move into an altogether more challenging period, this approach will no longer reap the same rewards, argues Chris Urwin.

real estate beating the benchmark blues

'Mastering the real estate cycle'

8 Mar 2019

The cyclicality of real estate creates opportunities for well-informed investors. However, determining where a market is in the cycle can be difficult, so we have developed a tool that can help investors overcome this challenge.

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Dream or dystopia: The future of cities

28 Feb 2019

Cities will face severe challenges over the coming decades, including digital disruption, population management and climate change. How they adapt to these pressures will determine the winning – and losing – cities of the future.

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The future of energy: Peak oil and the rise of renewables

28 Feb 2019

As we approach ‘peak oil’, what does this mean for the fossil fuel industry and alternative sources of energy?

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Designing the future city: An interview with Carlo Ratti

28 Feb 2019

In this Q&A, architect and MIT lecturer Carlo Ratti discusses the forces that are shaping the future of cities, from new urban technologies to the impact of climate change.

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The logistics sector: Safe as warehouses?

26 Feb 2019

The logistics industry is in a state of flux due to rapidly-developing technologies and the increasing demands of consumers. A strategy which focuses on the demand and supply fundamentals of local markets is required to cut through this uncertainty.

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Europe real estate outlook: three predictions for 2019

14 Dec 2018

Aviva Investors analysts Souad Cherfouh and Vivienne Bolla discuss the outlook for European real estate.

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