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Ageing gracefully? The impact of demographics on European real estate

26 Jun 2017

Europe’s population is set to contract and age significantly over the coming decades, but the demographic shift will not be uniform. Understanding this dynamic will be an important driver of real estate investment performance, explains Monika Sujkowska.

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Manchester: unlocking the potential of a knowledge-based economy

20 Apr 2017

Manchester is set to capitalise on thriving IT and media sectors, global transport links and renowned universities to profit from the changing role of cities as drivers of growth.

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Birmingham: a driver of growth in the knowledge-based economy

30 Mar 2017

Birmingham is well-positioned to exploit the change in the role of cities as economic drivers, with demand for space in the office market likely to remain robust.

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Real estate: beating the benchmark blues

22 Mar 2017

During a sustained period of strong performance for real estate assets, an investment strategy based on mimicking the benchmark paid off handsomely. But as we move into an altogether more challenging period, this approach will no longer reap the same rewards, argues Chris Urwin.

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Luxury retail real estate: poised for growth or close to the limit?

21 Feb 2017

The retail real estate sector is increasingly polarised between secondary locations and shopping destinations with a luxury profile. This divergence reflects two factors: the increasing significance of e-commerce and the growth of luxury shopping tourism. Can we expect this trend to continue?

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Cities of the future

7 Feb 2017

As more office jobs are set to be automated, forward-thinking investors need to think carefully about the sustainability of the cities where they choose to hold exposure.

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Diversification: friend or foe?

11 Jan 2017

Logic suggests diversification is necessary to reduce risk within a real estate portfolio. In reality, its benefits are not as clear cut as investors might imagine, argues Chris Urwin.

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Co-working space: the future of office demand?

9 Jan 2017

Changes to working practises and business structures have major implications for the serviced office sector, presenting opportunities for real estate investors who understand the dynamics, argues Chris Urwin.

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