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Private wants, public needs

4 Sep 2019

With society facing many urgent and complex challenges, deciding who is best-placed to deliver solutions has become an emotive and often political subject. We assess whether there is a better way to utilise the skills and resources of the public, private and third sectors for the greater good.

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European high streets brace themselves for change

29 Aug 2019

Hardly a day goes by without at least one negative headline bemoaning the impact of disruption in retail markets on high streets and shopping centres. While this is true in the US and the UK, Chris Urwin examines whether European high streets will face a similar threat.

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Re-imagining partnerships in infrastructure finance

1 Aug 2019

While the shape of the UK’s future relationship with its European neighbours is still unclear, the question of how to finance infrastructure fit for the 21st century is equally pressing, argues Darryl Murphy.

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Quarterly update on drivers in real assets - Q2 2019

19 Jul 2019

In our regular update on drivers in real assets we assess how real assets could appreciate amid lower long-term rates, we look at how lower bond yields are likely to extend the real estate cycle in the UK, but note that lending at senior level has reduced interest rate sensitivity.

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ESG and real assets: A matter of balance

11 Jul 2019

Assessing ESG risks within real asset investments is far from straightforward. Mark Versey and Stanley Kwong use five case studies to illustrate the balance of ESG risk factors that affects investment decision-making, beyond simply trying to be ‘green’.

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Rates, retail and polarisation: three themes for UK and European real estate

1 Jul 2019

Jonathan Bayfield and Vivienne Bolla discuss the outlook for UK and European real estate.

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Talent, clusters and scale: Identifying European office markets in the era of knowledge capitalism

26 Jun 2019

The role of a city is vastly different to fifty years ago. Chris Urwin, Director of Research – Real Assets, and Vivienne Bolla, Research Analyst – Real Assets explain why talent, clusters and scale are key factors in determining which cities – and therefore European office markets – will thrive in the years ahead.

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UK and continental Europe real estate outlook

13 Jun 2019

Analysts Jonathan Bayfield and Vivienne Bolla discuss the outlook for UK and European real estate.

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ESG gets physical: The role of real assets in creating a sustainable future

4 Jun 2019

Physical assets, particularly infrastructure and real estate, have a critical role to play in facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable economy and a greener world. As ultimate asset owners, investors are deeply engaged in the issues, and incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations is a fundamental part of an asset manager’s duty to their clients.

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London Calling? The outlook for retail property in London

7 May 2019

In this piece Jonathan Bayfield outlines why we are positive on the outlook for London retail and how we can identify the London sub-markets with the best medium-term investment prospects.

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Quarterly update on drivers in illiquid assets - Q1 2019

25 Apr 2019

In our regular update on real assets we assess real estate positioning in the late stages of the cycle, check interest in real assets in a period of Brexit-related uncertainty and illustrate the spreads achievable across private assets of varying credit quality.

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The future of transport: Mapping the way ahead

29 Mar 2019

New technologies, including electric and autonomous vehicles, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, will have significant consequences for the transport sector and beyond.

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