Joao Toniato


Job title

Head of Global Equity Strategy

Contact details

Work location

London, United Kingdom

Joined Aviva Investors


Joined The Industry



Main responsibilities

Joao is Head of Global Equity Strategy and is responsible for formulating our equity ‘House View’ and the risks to that view, as well as overseeing equity strategy for the AIMS funds. Since joining he has been responsible for monitoring and analysing global equity markets through fundamental and quantitative tools, as well as assessing thematic market developments. Joao plays a key role in our House View and SIG processes. 

Experience and qualifications

Prior to Aviva Investors, he was global equity strategist at Amundi Asset Management, the largest asset manager in Europe, where he was responsible for the equity strategy views and market analysis used in equity allocation decisions. Joao has also held strategist positions in large investment banks; more recently as senior European equity strategist at UBS and prior to that as global equity strategist at Barclays. He began his career in academic research in Finance, holding research and teaching positions in different European universities and being part of a think-tank, financed by the European Commission, which focused on researching the equity market impact of regulatory changes.

Joao holds a PhD in Finance & Accounting from Lancaster University and a BA (First-class honours) in Accounting & Finance from the University of Manchester.