Justin Simmons


Job title

IT Service Manager, COO

Contact details

Work location

London, United Kingdom

Joined Aviva Investors



Main responsibilities

My role is to help Aviva Investors provide a reliable, best-in-class service for our clients and business. It takes an agile, diverse and talented team to achieve that and I’m proud to be part of it. We always pull together to overcome any challenge.

I get involved with a diverse range of projects, for example last year I was involved in the Aviva Operating Net Zero programme, my role was to deliver a Digital Decarbonisation Assessment of technology for the whole Aviva Group, including Aviva Investors. 

This year I’m leading a Technology working group supporting the move of the Aviva HQ to new offices in London, shaping the technology and services needed for all our colleagues in their new workplace, once again ensuring our Net Zero ambitions are reflected in these decisions.

Experience and qualifications

I spent the first 10 years of my career working for a multinational technology company, delivering global transformation programmes for organisations like JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. Moving to a Service Manager role at a professional services company was a slight change of direction. However, I found I enjoyed supporting a global client base and developing their client support strategy.

From there I joined the Aviva Group, which was a great way to consolidate my knowledge and skills while continuing to build global experience. After two years working with Group Finance, I moved to Aviva Investors. This was an exciting new challenge. And eight years later, I’m still enjoying that challenge.

During those eight years, I’ve witnessed a strong development in our digital presence as well as Aviva Investor’s leadership within the ESG investment space. Together with its appetite for growth and improvement, this really makes Aviva Investors stand out as an exciting place to work.