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Will the pandemic define investing for the next decade?

28 Oct 2020 10:30 GMT 45 minutes

It has been six months since the World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic. Since then, one thing is clear: uncertainty increasingly looks like the only certainty. Join Peter Fitzgerald (Chief Investment Officer, Multi-asset & Macro), Sunil Krishnan (Head of Multi-asset) and Matt Kirby (Equity Portfolio Manager) as they discuss whether the pandemic will define investing for the next decade. 


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Why are so many Emerging Market Debt managers underperforming?

27 Oct 2020 10:30 GMT 45 minutes

Join Deputy Head of Emerging Market Debt and Portfolio Manager, EM Hard Currency, Aaron Grehan and Investment Director, Barney Goodchild as they discuss why so many Emerging Market Debt managers are under performing. In search for answers, Aaron and Barney have analysed historical returns for over 100 EMD Hard Currency managers and during this webcast they will share their findings with you.


Aviva Investors House View: A recovery like no other

20 Oct 2020 15:00 GMT 45 minutes

As we head into the final quarter of a dramatic and unpredictable year, join Stewart Robertson, Senior Economist, and Jerome Nunan, Investment Director, Multi-Asset, as they discuss the Aviva Investors Q4 House View and the possible scenarios from here on in as the world tries to navigate its way back to normality. 


Avoiding unintended risk in credit portfolio construction

30 Sep 2020 10:30 GMT 45 minutes

During this webcast, we will discuss how to achieve consistency and uncorrelated returns through market cycles in investment grade credit through portfolio construction and a strong ESG integration focus. Capital at risk.


Opportunities for Real Estate Debt in an uncertain world

30 Jul 2020 10:00 GMT 30 minutes

There has been nothing normal about the last 6 months. Our real estate debt team has adapted to the “new not-normal”. Join their in-depth discussion on opportunities and challenges in the current climate.


Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return Q2 2020

23 Jul 2020 16:00 GMT 40 minutes

Mark Robertson, Head of Multi-Strategy Funds and Andy Ford, Senior Investment Director, offer their views on the themes driving markets.


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