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Co-working space: the future of office demand?

Chris Urwin - 09 JAN 2017

Changes to working practises and business structures have major implications for the serviced office sector, presenting opportunities for real estate investors who understand the dynamics, argues Chris Urwin.


Emerging markets: jumping the gun on Trump?

- 16 DEC 2016

Emerging market assets sold off sharply after Donald Trump’s US presidential victory, as fears of a new era of global protectionism took hold. But is the threat to the EM universe exaggerated?


Trump presidency weighs on Asia-Pacific real estate

Sandip Bhalsod - 15 DEC 2016

Concerns over a slowdown in Chinese economic growth have receded, but the rise of Donald Trump could present challenges for Asia-Pacific real estate markets, says Sandip Bhalsod.


Aviva Investors’ top trades for 2017

- 12 DEC 2016

Our investment team, responsible for developing trade ideas within our flagship range of multi-strategy funds, provides five trade ideas for 2017.


European real estate offers value despite political risk

Monika Sujkowska - 12 DEC 2016

Continental European real estate offers more value than other regions, but moderate returns are expected over the next five years, says Monika Sujkowska.


Inflation: a shareholder's friend?

Giles Parkinson - 05 DEC 2016

With rising inflation expectations hitting fixed income markets, a common assumption is that this should be good news for equities. The reality is more nuanced, writes Giles Parkinson.


Beware the shamen: will Park’s woes be a watershed for South Korea?

Ed Wiltshire - 04 DEC 2016

As emerging markets convulse in the wake of the US presidential result, a South Korean political scandal may mark a seminal moment in the battle to clean up the country’s corporate governance, says Ed Wiltshire.

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