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Five charts that show Manchester is a city of the future

20 Aug 2020

In this short, visual article we present five charts that show why Manchester is such a rich, vibrant and economically prosperous city. Our view is that the ingredients of connectivity, culture, talent, scale and scientific heritage make the city well-equipped to thrive in the coming years and decades.

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The AIQ Podcast: Risk and resilience in an age of uncertainty

11 Aug 2020

The latest episode of the AIQ podcast explores the nature of risk in an uncertain world. How can we stay resilient when the unexpected occurs?

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Longevity, policy and technology: An interview with Andrew Scott

6 Aug 2020

Living longer brings enormous opportunities to reshape how we spend our time. But in the first of a two-part interview, Andrew Scott from London Business School explains how advances in longevity and technology have not been matched by innovation in social structures or our approach to financial planning.

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Where can investors put cash to work when rates go negative?

30 Jul 2020

Just when investors thought they couldn’t sink any lower, the economic shock caused by COVID-19 has put further downward pressure on interest rates in developed markets. Caroline Hedges, head of global liquidity portfolio management at Aviva Investors, looks at the impact on money market funds.

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RPI may be flawed, but changes shouldn’t cost pensioners and investors

16 Mar 2020

With the start of the consultation for proposed changes to the measurement of inflation in the UK, we look at the likely impact to asset classes, the assets most affected, and the key issues investors should be aware of.

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The future of insurance

17 May 2019

The insurance industry has evolved rapidly since the financial crisis. The next decade is shaping up to be every bit as transformative as firms grapple with a host of factors, most notably the unfolding regulatory framework, digital disruption and climate change.

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The AIQ Podcast: Beyond the cave

10 Jul 2018

This latest episode of the AIQ Podcast investigates how behavioural finance is being transformed by data science.

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Beyond the cave: behavioural science meets data science

10 Jul 2018

The idea unconscious biases influence decision-making in financial markets is nothing new. But behavioural finance has taken on new relevance in the age of Big Data and artificial intelligence.

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The AIQ Podcast: Who wants to live forever?

11 Jun 2018

This latest episode of the AIQ Podcast, we look at the implications of increasing life expectancy for individuals, companies and policymakers. Specifically, we’ll look at what this means for the advisory, pensions and insurance industries.

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Commercial real estate finance: opportunities for insurers

21 Nov 2017

Insurers seeking capital efficient returns are looking closely at private assets, lured by attractive yields with underlying security and strong borrower protections. Real estate finance may fit the bill, and benefits from advantageous capital treatment under Solvency II.

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Don't discount Solvency II

12 Oct 2016

Solvency II was written for insurers, but its risk management and valuation ethos can benefit UK pension schemes, writes John Dewey

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