Our approach

Having been an active lender in this sector for many years, we are now focused entirely on managing our existing portfolio. In certain circumstances we may agree to provide further finance to existing practices. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Alterations to your mortgage

Any changes to your mortgage or the security property will be subject to our consideration and prior approval.

We will consider all requests to alter your mortgage terms based on your specific circumstances and the risk profile of the mortgage. If we believe your request will negatively impact the risk profile of your mortgage with us, we may request certain conditions in order to proceed. A new valuation report may be required from a member of our panel of surveyors (see below).

Our process

- Completing the alteration form

- Assessing your request

- Legal requirements

Completing our alteration form

If you require an alteration, we recommend you speak with us first so that we can discuss your specific request.

We can provide you with a list of our requirements tailored to this.

It will be necessary for you to complete our Alteration Form and supply us with the supporting documentation required. One of the team will work with you, confidently guiding you through the process for making changes to your existing mortgage, answering any questions you may have and providing an indication of the timescale involved.

Please note that administration fees will apply, and these will vary depending upon the request.

Assessing your request

Once we have received the completed Alteration Form, supporting documents and payment of applicable fees, we will assess your request and contact you with our decision. Please note our fees are non-refundable.

It will be necessary to instruct solicitors to act on your behalf.

We will instruct our panel firm of solicitors, who will draft all requisite legal documentation and liaise with your solicitors throughout. We will be notified once all legal matters are satisfied and we are in a position to complete the transaction. Please note you will be responsible for all fees in this respect.

Anti-money laundering regulations

We may need to verify your identity as part of the alteration request, and supporting documents may be required. We will advise you/your solicitors of any such requirements.


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