FAQs: Updates and enquiries


If you have changed your address, you can inform us by phone or in writing. Our contact details can be found here.

Alternatively, if you have registered for our My Investment service, you can notify us of your new address details via the site. You can find further details of the service under Managing your investment 

Please note if we have received post returned by the postal authorities as undeliverable we may require additional evidence before we can update our records.

If you have changed name, we need a written instruction signed in both your old and new name (even if your signature is unchanged) together with evidence of your change of name. Please contact us for details of acceptable evidence.


If you quote any other policy numbers you have with Aviva (along with the type of policy) when writing to us, we will ensure a copy of your instruction is passed to the relevant department(s) for their records to be updated as well.

Please note there may be a slight delay whilst it is being transferred between departments, but you will receive separate confirmation from each department once their records have been updated.

We are unable to take an instruction to update a policy administered by another Aviva department over the phone, but if you confirm your policy details when speaking with us, we will be able to transfer you through to the relevant department so their records can be updated too.

Please note, if you update your details via our My Investment service, this will not notify other Aviva departments of the change and you will need to contact them separately.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Literature on our funds can be found under the Capabilities menu. Here a summary of the main sections under this menu where you can locate fund information and documentation:

Fund centre:

  • On the overview tab you will find a table of the most recent fund prices and a link to download the latest PDF factsheets, listed in alphabetical order. 
  • Clicking on the fund name will take you to a page showing more detail about the fund, such as investment objectives and performance information. On this page you will also find factsheets, Key Investor Information Documents, the Prospectus and Supplementary Information Document, as well as the latest annual and interim reports and accounts. This can be found in the Documents section towards the bottom of the page, or by clicking the Documents link in the menu bar.

Application and transfer forms:

  • Application and transfer forms
  • Aviva Investors Investment ISA terms & conditions
  • Forms to utilise additional permitted subscriptions
  • Direct debit and direct credit mandates
  • Our fund instruction form

Reports and financial statements:

  • The most recently issued and historic reports and accounts for each ICVC and Unit Trust, in both long form and short form formats.

Fund charges and costs

  • Additional details of fund charges and costs under enhanced disclosure of fund charges.

Events Log

  • On this page you can find any events that we believe would potentially have changed the investment performance of our funds over the past 10 years, such as changes to investment objectives and charges.


  • On this page you can find policy statements and regulatory disclosures.

Investment Glossary

  • On this page you can find a glossary of terms designed to help you understand the information contained in our fund factsheets and other literature.

Value Assessments

  • On this page you will find the annual value assessments for our funds and details of the value assessment criteria.


You can use the automated valuation service on our telephone line to obtain a valuation of your investment.

  • Choose option 1 from the first menu for investments listed on this website.
  • As an existing investor, choose option 2 from the second menu.
  • Then Option 1 from the next menu for the automated valuation and fund price service.
  • Finally, select option 1 for a valuation.

You will need your customer reference number to use this service, which you can find on your half-yearly statement or contract note (in the format 0000xxxxxx, where x represents numbers). Following a number of security questions, the automated service will provide a valuation of the investment(s) held and fund prices.

Alternatively, if you have registered for our My Investment service, you can check your current valuation via the site. You can find further details of the service under Managing your investment.


You can contact us by phone or in writing – by post, email or fax. Our contact details can be found here.

We aim to respond within four working days, but more complex requests may take up to ten working days.

Alternatively, if you have registered for our My Investment service, you can use our webchat facility to speak to a member of our staff. You can find further details of the service under Managing your investment.

Need more information?

For further information, please contact our investment sales team.