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Electoral reforms might halt Five Star, but Italy’s challenges remain

31 Oct 2017

Italians will head to the polls in the spring to elect their next government. Despite recent electoral reforms, Charlie Diebel explains why Italian uncertainty is unlikely to disappear.

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What to do about asset bubbles

24 Oct 2017

With the global economy improving, central banks need to be ever watchful, and tighten policy in good time, to ensure siren calls on asset bubbles continue to ring hollow, says Michael Grady.

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Politics and the final frontier

18 Oct 2017

A recent trip to Central America and the Caribbean revealed much about the attractions and pitfalls of frontier markets, explains Aaron Grehan.

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Why the US bond market is not signalling recession

10 Oct 2017

The US yield curve has historically provided an accurate barometer of the economic outlook. But it is wrong to conclude the recent flattening is pointing to a recession, argues James McAveley.

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Global high yield: diminishing returns?

16 Aug 2017

Global high yield has been among the stronger asset classes in 2017, but with spreads already squeezed, where can investors find value?

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Europe’s hazardous route to a banking union

14 Aug 2017

The bail out of two Italian lenders highlights that progress towards banking and fiscal union will be far from straightforward, argues Oliver Judd.

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Bond volatility: all aboard the big dipper?

28 Mar 2017

Since the financial crisis, bond volatility has fallen to historic lows. But changes to the structure of the fixed-income markets suggest volatility could be set for a comeback, creating risks and opportunities for investors.

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Fixed income: the debt disconnect

27 Mar 2017

As the mountainous scale of global debt continues to climb, investors are advised to heed the lessons of the past, argues Chris Higham.

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The next frontier

Despite a torrid few months, frontier bond markets still have an important role to play in investors' portfolios.

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Prospect of IMF-led reforms attracts debt investors to Africa

Countries in receipt of IMF support often see rapid economic improvements. But local knowledge is crucial for bond investors chasing the ‘IMF trade’, says Carmen Altenkirch.

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