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RPI may be flawed, but changes shouldn’t cost pensioners and investors

16 Mar 2020

With the start of the consultation for proposed changes to the measurement of inflation in the UK, we look at the likely impact to asset classes, the assets most affected, and the key issues investors should be aware of.

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Cities of the future

12 Dec 2019

Successful urban areas need to combine talent, clusters and scale. Gregor Bamert, Head of Real Estate Debt, discusses the ‘cities of the future’ and what investors should be on the lookout for to future-proof real asset portfolios.

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Rates, retail and polarisation: three themes for UK and European real estate

1 Jul 2019

Jonathan Bayfield and Vivienne Bolla discuss the outlook for UK and European real estate.

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BP vote demonstrates power of engagement

28 Jun 2019

As climate change rises up the political agenda throughout the West and beyond, shareholders have an important role to play in limiting global fossil fuel consumption by pressuring oil companies to amend their strategies, argues Sora Utzinger.

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Talent, clusters and scale: Identifying European office markets in the era of knowledge capitalism

26 Jun 2019

The role of a city is vastly different to fifty years ago. Chris Urwin, Director of Research – Real Assets, and Vivienne Bolla, Research Analyst – Real Assets explain why talent, clusters and scale are key factors in determining which cities – and therefore European office markets – will thrive in the years ahead.

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'Fairtrade for finance' should be a badge of honour - not a rubber stamp

21 Jun 2019

A Fairtrade-style kitemark for responsible investment is in the pipeline. Properly implemented, the initiative should improve industry standards on ESG, writes Steve Waygood.

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Modern Monetary Theory: Could it go mainstream?

12 Jun 2019

An obscure and heterodox branch of economic theory is quickly gaining support from prominent politicians in the US and beyond, which could have big implications for policymaking, argues David Nowakowski.

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ESG focus: Sustainability under Brazil’s strongman

7 Jun 2019

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro may threaten to roll back important environmental policies protecting the Amazon, but companies – and investors – don’t have to follow suit.

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ESG gets physical: The role of real assets in creating a sustainable future

4 Jun 2019

Physical assets, particularly infrastructure and real estate, have a critical role to play in facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable economy and a greener world. As ultimate asset owners, investors are deeply engaged in the issues, and incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations is a fundamental part of an asset manager’s duty to their clients.

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Self-sufficiency for pension schemes: Keep on running?

28 May 2019

Boris Mikhailov and Matthew Graham look at the benefits and risks for pension schemes targeting self-sufficiency.

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The future of insurance

17 May 2019

The insurance industry has evolved rapidly since the financial crisis. The next decade is shaping up to be every bit as transformative as firms grapple with a host of factors, most notably the unfolding regulatory framework, digital disruption and climate change.

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China’s tech future: Pirate or innovator?

15 May 2019

Western governments and companies routinely complain about the practice of ‘forced technology transfer’ in China, but are these grumbles justified? And beyond the trade war, what does the future hold for Chinese tech innovation?

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London Calling? The outlook for retail property in London

7 May 2019

In this piece Jonathan Bayfield outlines why we are positive on the outlook for London retail and how we can identify the London sub-markets with the best medium-term investment prospects.

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Quarterly update on drivers in illiquid assets - Q1 2019

25 Apr 2019

In our regular update on real assets we assess real estate positioning in the late stages of the cycle, check interest in real assets in a period of Brexit-related uncertainty and illustrate the spreads achievable across private assets of varying credit quality.

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