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Rising bond yields need not spell disaster for real assets

Vivienne Bolla - 13 NOV 2018

Investors will favour real asset classes offering growth potential in an environment of increasing bond yields, argues real asset analyst Vivienne Bolla.

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Sustainable investment needs a helping hand from regulators

Steve Waygood - 08 NOV 2018

Steve Waygood explains how insurers, policymakers and regulators can work together to manage the risks associated with climate change and encourage sustainable investment.

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The Italian budget drama

- 30 OCT 2018

The Italian government’s plans to sharply hike spending leave it on a collision course with the EU. But financial markets, as well as Brussels, will determine whether the populists in Rome can deliver on their electoral pledges.

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Journey's end: route options for DB pension schemes

John Dewey - 25 OCT 2018

Pension schemes will confront a different set of challenges as they mature, not least around cashflows. How these problems are managed now will affect the financial health of the schemes far into the future.

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Conference calls: a snapshot of investors' views on the big issues

- 23 OCT 2018

Attendees at Aviva Investors’ annual institutional investor conference gave their take on some of the key themes impacting pensions schemes, from ESG to asset allocation shifts.

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Earthquakes and economics: Bali IMF summit highlights the divergence in EM debt markets

- 18 OCT 2018

The recent Annual Meeting of the IMF reinforced that EM debt investors should pay extra attention to countries’ individual circumstances, write Aaron Grehan and Carmen Altenkirch.

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CVAs and the changing shape of UK retail

- 16 OCT 2018

More retailers are turning to corporate voluntary arrangements to restructure their estates - but a dynamic landscape is no surprise for seasoned real estate investors.

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