Financial investments involve an element of risk. For further information, please see the risk warning section.

Real Estate is traditionally cast as an income producing asset which can provide diversity to client portfolios. At Aviva Investors we certainly believe this to be true. But we believe real estate can also be used to deliver outcome oriented solutions to meet specific client needs.

Our years of real estate investment experience have allowed us to develop a simple investment philosophy.  We believe that real estate markets are inherently inefficient, allowing value opportunities to be identified and captured at all points through the economic cycle, and across and between the various forms of exposure to the asset class.  By understanding both our clients needs and the global real estate market, we are able to exploit this inefficiency to deliver expertly constructed and client focussed solutions across the risk spectrum to meet a wide diversity of needs.

Core/Core+ Solutions

We have a long history of constructing core/core+ portfolios, both as segregated accounts and pooled vehicles. These provide broad exposure to real estate markets - single country, regional or global – and provide clients access to the income and capital appreciation available from real estate.  These portfolios will look to provide diversification by geography, sector and tenant and will target returns at the lower end of the risk spectrum.

Value Add/Opportunistic Solutions

The diverse, global and cyclical nature of the real estate market means we are able to identify opportunities and construct portfolios that can target returns at the higher end of the risk spectrum.  Examples would be cyclical opportunities such as recovery strategies, thematic opportunities such as emerging markets or specific sectors, or individual opportunities provided through co-investments or joint ventures. These portfolios can be used to potentially add enhanced returns for clients with existing well diversified exposure.

Targeted Return Solutions

The diverse nature of the real estate market and the means of entry to it provide opportunities to construct portfolios which seek to deliver specific investment outcomes. For example, portfolios investing into long lease properties, ground rents or real estate debt can all look to provide the security of income and capital return that pension schemes seek to match their funding liabilities.

Select links below to read brief descriptions about funds available.


  • Aviva Investors Pensions – Property Fund

    Aviva Investors’ flagship fund launched in 1972 and focusing on UK commercial property

    • Sector:  Diversified 
    • Investor type: Institutional

    Lime Property Fund

    Focus on long-term cash flows by letting to high quality tenants in the corporate and public sectors.

    • Sector: long-lease 
    • Investor type: Institutional
  • Segregated Funds

    Manages variety of mandates including direct-only portfolios and those that combine direct and indirect investments (including overseas exposure). Delivering excellent relative returns to clients, Aviva Investors won the IPD/IPF 2009 award for ‘Balanced Pooled & Traditional Funds (£100m - £350m)’ for the fund with the highest 3-year annualised return. 

    • Sector:  Variable
    • Investor Type: Institutional
  • Continental European Long Lease Strategy (CELLS)


    Invests in office, high quality retail assets and alternative sectors in Continental Europe with a focus on Germany, Austria, Benelux and Scandinavia.

    Launched in 2017, CELLS offers an attractive alternative to other asset classes for income-seeking investors. By exploiting the bond like characteristics of real estate, and diversifying across markets, sectors and tenants we believe we can reduce investment risk and generate reliable long-term yields.

    The Fund is an open-ended Luxembourg SCSp and is currently open to institutional investors with a minimum of €5 million to invest.


    • Sector:  Diversified 

    • Investor Type:  Institutional


  • Aviva Investors European Real Estate Securities Fund

    Provides exposure to diversified portfolio of listed real estate companies.

    The Aviva Investors European REIT Fund was originally launched in January 2003 and managed by Delta Lloyd. The fund has been managed by Aviva Investors since January 2007.

    • Sector:  Listed property securities
    • Investor type:  Institutional/corporate wholesale