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Real estate: the rise of the metropoles

Souad Cherfouh - 21 JUN 2018

The growing importance of megacities, the largest and most productive metropoles, is likely to have significant implications for investors, says Souad Cherfouh.

Global Real estate


Harnessing private finance for UK rail transformation

- 14 JUN 2018

The UK wants to attract private sector investment into its fragmented rail network, but the pathways for injecting capital are not yet clear.

Global investment solutions UK


The Macron effect

- 31 MAY 2018

Emmanuel Macron has implemented a swathe of reforms since his election as President of France in May 2017, but further challenges lie ahead to revitalise the economy.

Economic research France Multi-asset


Real estate supply: the forgotten part of the equation

Monika Sujkowska - 30 MAY 2018

Supply-side factors are often underestimated by real estate investors with demand drivers receiving more attention, says Monika Sujkowsa.

Europe Real estate


Emerging market debt: a passing storm?

Aaron Grehan - 22 MAY 2018

With volatility returning to the emerging market debt arena in recent weeks, Aaron Grehan discusses what it means for investors.

Fixed income Emerging markets


Sainsbury's planned merger with Asda: who is in the money?

James Balfour - 17 MAY 2018

James Balfour considers the implications of a tie-up between Sainsbury’s and Asda on the grocery retailing sector.

Equities UK


Behavioural science for financial advisers: an interview with Greg Davies

- 17 MAY 2018

Greg Davies, head of behavioural science at Oxford Risk, explains how a combination of behavioural science and data-driven risk-profiling tools is reshaping the financial advice industry.